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MP Studio is a creative landscape architecture and design practice based in San Antonio, Texas, founded in 2012 by Mark Padilla. 

We stir big ideas + compose designs that respond to a site’s endemic natural and cultural processes + deliver well-crafted landscapes + enrich each experience for our clients and team by demonstrating kindness in our approach.

Out of love for our community and globe our designs are never standard, they are purposefully site centric.  Our work aims to be free of want despite budget and constraints. We grow with each project, enjoy listening, research, discovery and then have fun storytelling in sketches, linework and through our built work. 

Our studio’s composition is a tripartite that integrates three singular qualities—the creative, the technical and the methodological—these designers come together to develop honest, fresh, resilient work that honors our team, our user, and our profession.

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We seek to create outstanding environmental performance, financial resourcefulness, and to meet social challenges through the built landscape.  Our landscape architect’s problem-solve through design challenges that lead to implementable and resilient work.  Our services include establishing a vision and project purpose, concept and design development, feasibility studies and code compliance, master plans, construction documentation and construction administration.  We believe in the power of landscape architecture and design both public realm and private outdoor environments to captivate our user and to reflect our client’s distinct spirit and aspirations.


The urban core allows us to rifle and learn from the past and create spaces that are layered, nuanced, and bursting with social life. Our expertise lies in our discovery process and capabilities to create site analysis and solutions that are research-based and compelling in attaining community consensus.  Our designers work with project end users, residents, stakeholders, and municipal agencies during design charettes to engage and skillfully coalesce and draw participant’s ideas, at last creating comprehensive designs that represent them.  The outcome is beauty and civic environments that strengthen neighborhoods, friendships, families, and results in people of all abilities feeling integrated and fit to live their best life.



Our collective human participation makes cultural landscapes a narrative of our regional cultural identity. As designers we are serious and experienced protecting and managing change around these sites as they are a legacy for everyone.  We provide leadership and a collaborative approach to their safeguarding, design and implementation engaging partners with expertise in history, preservation and archaeology for historic designed landscapes, historic sites, and vernacular landscapes.



We prioritize developing solutions that integrate high-performing green spaces and infrastructure and guide clients as they gain an understanding of their real economic, ecological, and social benefits. Our designers aim to balance water supply needs, storm water management, habitat and species conservation, through the transect of ecosystems, from urban to natural.   Our technical designers are experienced in designing low-impact development BMP’s and are trained in overseeing their construction.

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